Are you highly sensitive?

GoHeart&Brain has developed a test on sensitivity in relation to the labor market. It can give you an indication towards how sensitive you are. It is anonymous and it takes just 5 minutes.

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Knowledge on sensitivity

If you would like to know more about the high sensitivity trait or would like to read about our studies and gathered knowledge in the field, read more here.

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Try our tools

Based on our experience with highly sensitive we have developed some general good advice and tools that both the highly sensitve and his/her social circle can benefit from.

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Being highly sensitive on the labor market & knowledge sharing

GoHeart&brain work with the character trait highly sensitive.

Our goal is to offer information and tools for:

  • Companies, leaders, employees, groups of people or indivisuals, who wish to focus on optimizing their:
    • Strengths
    • Cooperation abilities
    • Communication
    • well-being
  • Those who are highly sensitive and those who has a moderate level of sensitivity – be they leaders, CEOs or employees. These groups all have a need for knowledge on the subject as it will be a great advantage to the company and the individual her/himself

15- 20% of the world’s population are highly sensitive. We wish to create a focus on this character trait in relation to the labor market, as the highly sensitive have a lot of strengths that can be optimized and developed further. They also have areas that they need to work on in order to make everyday life and work life easier. They just need the correct set of tools.

We have developed a test on sensitivity levels in relation to the labor market. By taking this test you can gain insight into yourself and what it means to be highly sensitive.

We have taken great inspiration in the work of the pioneer Elaine N. Aron, since the trait was coined in 1996.